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New Horizons..

What you know and you have done so far is not enough, you want to improve your knowledge on procedures, equipment, mixed gas and decompression theory? Then you may want to do a technical diving course! Go in the water will no longer be the same: the limits will become new horizons to overcome..


Procedures, Training: the approach to underwater seen from a totally new point of view.
It is not just technical, but especially in mentality: planning, ability to react under stress, the concept of team, are the fundamental basis of this courses


A good education must have two things: a great tutorial, a very good spread worldwide.
In our case the answer is PSAI.


Advanced Nitrox
Advanced Nitrox
It begins to approach underwater in technical manner, planning and managing decompression dives and use of phase cylinders with oxygen percentage up to 100%
Up to 45 meters with decompression.
at least 18 years of age, A Nitrox Diver license, 50 logged dives, A medical statement
Course Structure
  • 4 Theorical Lesson
  • 4 dives (minimum)
  • Duration: 4/5 days (minimum)
  • Materials supplied: manuals, all the necessary teaching aids.
Extended Range
Extended Range
A work plan that will change the way we go in the water. The buoyancy control, the trim, through the accelerated deco with enriched air.
Up 55 mt with air.
at least 18 years of age, An Advanced Nitrox certification, 75 logged dives, a medical statement.
Course Structure
  • 6 theorical lesson
  • 6 dives
  • Duration: 5 days (minimum)
  • Material supplied: manuals, all the necessary teaching aids.
Foundamental Diver TMX Level 1
Foundamental PSAI
are introduced in this course ternary mixed air, discovering new levels of comfort.
Up to 60 mt.
with trimix.

: at least 18 years of age, Extended Range license 100 logged dive, a medical statement.
Course Structure
  • 4 theory lesson
  • 4 doves.
  • Duration: 4 days minimum
  • are supplied: manuals, all the necessary teaching aids.
  • Expedition Diver TMX Level 2
    Expedition Diver
    This course allows, finally, to reach those places that were a chimera for recreational divers. Because of this, a methodical and disciplined approach to the topics, it is crucial
    Gas Blender ADV
    Gas Blender.
    A "dry" course. We’ll see in detail the dynamics that regulate the production of binary and ternary mixtures. Qualifications: Production of enriched air mixes .


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